Ramiro Atucha. A unique, flexible and adaptable platform that enhances the growth of companies in the sector

How would you rate your company’s performance last year, considering whether or not the objectives set at the beginning of 2023 were met?

We truly believe we have performed excellently. The objectives we set at the beginning of the year have been exceeded. At the beginning of 2023 we presented Vibra Solutions, our casino and sports betting platform, and that generated much more impact and better results than we expected. In turn, it generated a need to accelerate our process of aggregating third-party content. It was a year with a lot of work, but we were very satisfied with what we achieved and the reception our products are receiving. Of course, we aim for 2024 to be even better.

What sales strategy are you preparing for ICE London 2024 in order to surprise your attendees and reach agreements with the operators present?

We are going to be present at ICE for the third consecutive year. We are going to travel with a very full agenda and we will bring a larger commercial team to be able to cover a greater number of meetings and thus be able to serve all the visitors who are interested in our brand.

What new products will you offer in London and what other solutions would you highlight within the business units?

We are going to continue in line with the products we have been offering: content, aggregation and platform. This last one is what we are going to delve into a lot as a product because we are finding a very encouraging market. Currently we meet friends, acquaintances and colleagues in the industry who are surprised to find themselves with the possibility of having a platform like ours, which is why I believe we must do a better job in communicating and making this service available. Let everyone in Latin America who needs a flexible, adaptable platform that allows them to enhance their company’s strategy, keep us in mind and know that they have a complete online and retail solution that other international companies do not provide.

Do you think the new trends seen at ICE will set a tone for the industry throughout the year, how will your company stay ahead?

In this sense, facing a competitive and challenging panorama. Yeah. ICE is defined by setting the tone for what the year will be like because it is one of the most important events. The foundations of the commercial strategy are laid for what will be that year. On our part, we will continue to present our products and advance the conversations we have ongoing and planned. There are many of us who promise good service but “you can see the players on the field” and the idea is to show a product in operation with leading brands and with those that will also be leading brands in the future. In short, highlight how our platform, service and work helps each client meet their objectives and exceed them.

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