Discover bingo gold in Vibra Gaming’s El Dorado

4 January 2023 – Leading LatAm content and software services provider uncovers yet another gem with multi-speed bingo set in the treasure-filled ‘New World’

Vibra Gaming, the go-to games, and platform developer for the LatAm region, has discovered El Dorado and is inviting bingo players everywhere to uncover hidden treasures in the mysterious City of Gold.

Set in the mythical ‘New World’ of El Dorado, a legendary city thought to contain immense wealth, the Vibra Gaming team has launched another multi-speed bingo gem.

Vibra Gaming is well-known for its highly creative and innovative content unveiling a series of highly engaging games across 2022 including recent launch Egyptian Riches Gold, and 90-ball bingo title El Dorado contains multiple features players will come back to time and again.

Playing like a rapid-fire slot game but with all the classic elements of a bingo game, customization is central to the features available within El Dorado. Players can choose to play with one to four bingo cards and even change cards as many times as they wish prior to pressing go.

Each card contains 15 numbers between 1 to 90 with no number repeating across different cards. A pay table with seven different options is clearly displayed for every player showing them how many balls have been drawn and how much they have won.

For players who prefer to watch the balls drawn at a slower pace simply select the normal ball mode, but for thrill seekers who want to play a round every five seconds, click once for ‘Fast’ mode or twice for ‘Turbo’ mode with wins immediately displayed and read out by a voice over.

If you play your cards right there is also the chance of an extra ball and a Wheel of Fortune Bonus which can lead to two different prize levels.

Ramiro Atucha, CEO of Vibra Gaming, said: “Our multi-speed bingo products have been a smash hit with operators looking to offer LatAm players games with highly popular themes and unique and highly engaging and playable mechanics. El Dorado is yet more proof that Vibra Gaming is the leading content provider in the LatAm region and we have plenty more to come.”

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