Bet on the Double in our latest quick-fire prediction game

Buenos Aires, June 25th 2024 – Part of the Vibra Gaming ‘Quick Games’ series, that also includes Crash and Vibra Dice, Double provides players of all types with instant fun in an easy-to-play, quick-fire format.

Simply guess which colour number will appear in each draw. There are three colours to choose from; red, black or green. The game shows a strip with numbered squares and a position indicator. Once players place their bets, the draw begins.

The strip of numbers passes at speed, from right to left, and the indicator stops over the winning square similar to roulette but in a horizontal line.

The game pays winning bets and begins taking new bets for the next round. The whole process lasts just a few seconds with new draws every 15 seconds.

All buttons are available on one display including the bet and colour selectors, a double your bet, play, stop and autoplay buttons. The betting window also displays a chart showing the last 100 rolls, which players are involved in real-time and a display showing total bets by colour.

Vibra Dice and Crash have previously been released by Vibra Gaming. Vibra Dice is a quick-fire, mobile-first prediction game for next generation real-money gamers, while in Crash players must bet and cash out before a star falls to the ground. The higher it climbs the higher your multiplier which can rise to huge levels.

Ramiro Atucha, CEO, Vibra Gaming, said: “Double is perfect for players who like to live life in the fast lane with numbers whizzing by at speed and betting rounds every 15 seconds. Our Quick Games series is rapidly growing with Double, Dice and Crash combining to produce a trio of high-quality 21st century content for next-generation players. Every game has been given the Vibra Gaming creative twist that our customers and their players love to go back to time and again.”

About Vibra Gaming

Vibra Gaming is a Latin American game and platform developer company made up of professionals with more than a decade of experience in the industry. The company focuses mainly on the Latin American market and develops sportsbook and casino platforms, and also high-quality games, both in original content, as well as licenses for famous characters such as Popeye El Marino(R) or well-known brands in LatAm such as Condorito.  Vibra Gaming titles have the international certification of GLI. 

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