Millionaire Strike: a game to live a great experience in the month of the Copa America

July 7th, 2021 – Come and feel the passion of soccer with a game created by D593 and Vibra Gaming for online casinos!

Inspired by one of the world’s most exciting sports, both companies have just launched this new game, Millionaire Strike, which is a multi-level scratch card challenging players to pick the best plays and claim absolute glory!

The Ecuadorian company D593 created the game while Vibra Gaming adapted it for online gambling in a HTML5 version, making it available for all types of devices, both mobile and desktop. Besides, Millionaire Strike is the first of a series of games that both companies are developing together and will soon be launched in the market.

On this first game, Gabriel Núñez Del Arco -Director of D593- stated: “Working with Vibra Gaming was one of the key factors in achieving the objective we were seeking with Millionaire Strike for online gambling. This great game deserved to be enjoyed by players at any time and anywhere. We are proud of the outcome and the team we have formed.”

The atmosphere created by the design, the sounds and the setting give the feeling of an actual soccer match. You can feel the adrenaline in every play, since you have to make decisions that can lead you to total glory.

To score a goal, you have to pass the ball from player to player. As an additional surprise, there is a secret player in the game who, upon receiving the ball, triggers a bonus to take a free kick directly into the goal. If a goal is scored, the amount of the initial bet is doubled.

Fernando Rivas, COO at Vibra Gaming, said: “The development of Millionaire Strike means an enormous pleasure. It is a game that promises to be a success, because of its theme and the great work that has been done to ensure everything runs smoothly. Today more than ever, with the excitement of the Copa America, we are all eager to play soccer.”

Millionaire Strike has a 89.99% return to player (RTP), a standard volatility of 1/5, a hit ratio of 83.33%, and a maximum win per bet of 18,124.

As with all Vibra Gaming products, it can be played from any desktop or mobile device, as well as on physical terminals.

Contact e-mail:
Contact D593: Donna Verduga, Commercial Director.

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