Condorito lands at Vibra Gaming

10th November 2020 – The game and platform developer Vibra Gaming has acquired the rights to bring Condorito, the ultra-famous character throughout Latin America, to the world of slots. The company has already begun to outline what will be the development of a game based on this comic book character with fans in the whole region.

When a character and its world reach the hearts of the audience, they instantly become popular. If this keeps on happening generation after generation, they become a classic. This is the case of Condorito, a cartoon of graphic humor created by René Ríos Boettiger, “Pepo”, in 1949. After several years of sustained success, the strip began to be issued with its own publication and distributed in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, with records of sales, and then it reached out to other countries, such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, the United States, and even Japan.

Since its creation, it has been an ever-growing phenomenon: from the comic in fortnightly, special and luxury editions to millions of views on its social networks, licensed products for mass consumption and even the animated film, Condorito continues to be a synonymous of success. In Colombia, for example, it is the most widely read press review. In Chile, Condorito is the real or fictional character with the greatest spontaneous memory. And its networks add up to hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the region.

For its part, Vibra Gaming is a game and platform developer company made up of professionals with more than a decade of experience in the industry. The company mainly focuses on the Latin American market and, in the course of this year, has already launched a series of titles with international quality standards. Among them, you can find original content as well as licenses of famous characters: “Popeye the Sailor” and “The Phantom”. It is within this line that Vibra Gaming embarks on a new adventure to bring Condorito to the world of slots and video bingo, and therefore be ready to offer players from all over Latin America this character beloved by everyone.

By the end of Q2 2021, we are likely to launch this new game that will faithfully represent the world created around the rogue Condorito, including the presence of his eternal love, Yayita, his rival, Pepe Cortisona, and his great friends, Huevo Duro and Garganta de Lata.

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